We are Nova Scotia's Fine chocolate makers!
We craft your luxurious chocolate, carefully roasting the finest cacao beans in our home-based chocolate lab in Medford, Nova Scotia.
We use the best organic ingredients and pay farmers fair-traded prices

Petite Patrie – What’s in a name?


“Petite Patrie,” literally translated from French, means “Little Homeland.” This home-based chocolate making business is located in Medford, Nova Scotia right next to my Acadian ancestors homestead in Canard!

Our Craft

Chocolate is both our love and our passion. We are entirely committed to being responsible environmentally as well as economically,  while still promoting critical sustainability.

Making Chocolate

Twice a year the pods are harvested. As most farmers own a small parcel of land, they usually form cooperatives which operate a central cacao processing plant for the benefit of all farmers.

Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate tasting is not unlike wine tasting. We'll show you the steps. Begin by turning off your TV and avoiding distractions, because you’re about to taste chocolate and nothing else matters!